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The RollMaster allows for easy fence winding for removal of woven, chain-link, single strand and barbed wire fence for up to 4′ fence projects*. Its’ field proven design will assist property owners or contractors in clearing property of old fence, and rolling used fence for re-use.

The RollMaster’s light weight enables you to use small farm front end loaders and skid steers. The hydraulic controls, for winding, provide an easy maintenance, easy to use, field proven product with a 5 year warranty.

*This product can be customized for up to 10′ fence removal.

Field Proven
Beem Fence has installed over 1,200 miles of fence in the past 20 years across the country. The RollMaster has been developed in the field over the past decade by reusing fence from short term fence enclosures, reducing time and cost.

Easy Loading and Unloading
The RollMaster allows you to roll fence back into a usable fence roll with an easy to use clamping mechanism. A solid steal bar secures the fence to the RollMaster by manually snaking the steel bar through the fence and then manually releases the fence when done.

The fence is rolled from a flat position, horizontal to the ground. Once the fence is secured to the loading bar, the hydraulic controls rewind the fence at variable speeds.

Fence Torque
Due to varying conditions that the fence may be in before rolling up, we’ve designed our RollMaster to withstand varying torque with a strong frame and pivoting hangers. During the rolling process you will have extra assurance that your fence will be wound up taut for re-use.

All types of fence
Whether you are removing strands of barbed or chain-link fence, you don’t have to wrestle with a huge unmanageable monster of a roll any longer. Simply load the used fence onto the easy to use RollMaster quickly and safely.

Reduces Labor
The fence can either be recycled or re-used since the finished product has an inner core large enough for reuse and an outer dimension similar to a new roll of fence. The RollMaster makes used fence easily reusable, reduces time and costs, cleans-up the environment and clears area for a new fence.

Light Weight
Once again, we’ve put our designers to the test and we have developed a steel frame with low maintenance hydraulics to fit a small farm front end loader or skid steer. We offer the RollMaster at approximately 400 pounds, without fence.

Once the fence is rolled up, the RollMaster is lowered to the ground, the steal bar removed and a nicely rolled up fence is removed for reuse, it’s simple design makes it easy to remove and store fence.

Commercial Grade
The RollMaster is also available in a commercial grade, custom built to fit up to a ten foot fence and to roll over 600 feet of wire.

We feel so strongly about how this is built, and how it’s proven itself in the field, we offer a 5 year warranty on the hydraulics and main shell.