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The manufacturing portion of the Beem Fence Company is currently for sale. Please contact Mark at (231)-510-8122 for more information.

The Beem Fence Company is your leading High Fence Contractor. The Beem Fence Company offers the highest quality fence installation equipment and high fence installation service available. The Beem Team has installed over 2000 miles of fence throughout the United States for over 20 years. You can hire them to professionally install your fence or you can purchase their top of the line fencing equipment and do-it-yourself.

The Beem Team can install your new deer, elk, alpaca, cattle, crop or building fence, sell and demonstrate our fence installation equipment and offer you a satisfaction guarantee on the fence system. Plus, a 5 year warranty on the equipment. We are that confident that we can ensure high reliability of your fencing system and a full line of equipment to maintain it. Our Team has the experience to handle all terrain and understands the needs of the animals, facilities and owners you are protecting. The high fence installation team installs the fence, fabricates the gates and fully understands the State regulations they are working in.