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The T-PostPounder is designed by professional fence installers and utilizes even weight distribution, longer length and a hinging system to allow for easy t-post installation for 6 to 10 foot t-posts. It is a ‘must have’ for the professional and property owner striving for low cost, efficient fence installation.

Post Set
The T-PostPounder has been specially designed with safety of the user in mind. No need to stand in the bed of your pick-up or the bucket of a tractor any more. With a ‘piano’ style hinge, you can unload a t-post from the T-PostPounder chamber easily and safely.

Even Weight Distribution
The T-PostPounder’s weight is evenly distributed throughout its body. With even weight distribution, you are able to quickly lift the T-PostPounder all the way up without straining your back, bringing all 35 to 55 pounds of thrust to bear on the t-post for easy installation. No springs or sludge hammer needed.

Long Length
It’s four foot to nine foot length eliminates busted fingers and completely covers the t-post throughout the up and down thrust. No more t-posts in the face.

Hinged Door
We’ve opened the chamber for ease of removal and safety with a hinged door. Now you can stand on the ground and remove the T-PostPounder from the t-post without busted fingers, or a ladder. Just pull the pin, open the hinged door and easily remove the T-PostPounder from the installed t-post.

T-PostPounder Product Specifications
Standard Size: Up to 8′ t-posts, approximately 35 pounds, 4 foot in length.
Large Size: Up to 10′ t-posts, approximately 55 pounds, 8 feet in length.