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The StretchMaster 100 allows for easy loading of woven, single strand and barbed wire fence for up to 5’ fence projects. It’s patent pending and field proven design reduces labor and time for new or quick-fix fence projects.

StretchMaster 100’ light weight enables you to use most small farm front end loaders and skid steers. The hydraulic manual controls, for crimping, provides a no maintenance, easy to use, field proven product with a 5 year warranty.

Field Proven
Beem Fence has installed over 1,200 miles of fence in the past 10 years across the country and variations of the original StretchMaster and StretchMaster 100 have been in development in the field. Now Beem Fence is offering the StretchMaster 100, a compact version for those property owners who only have a need for a 5 foot woven fence.

Easy Fence Loading
The StretchMaster 100 allows the positioning pole to tilt for easy loading, offering you a hydraulic pole straightening mechanism.

Single Strand & Barbed Wire
Whether you are installing 5 strands of barbed or just a single strand, you don’t have to wrestle with the barbed wire roll any longer. Simply load it onto the easy to use pole and get to work quick and safely.

Fence Guide
Our Fence Guide will guide and stretch the fence during unrolling to ensure you are in line with your posts. During the stretching process you will have extra assurance that your fence will be level and taut.

Reduces Labor
The compact and easy to use design offers the ability to quickly unroll 330 foot of fence, hold it in place and stretch the fence, making fence installation quicker and easier for a one person operation.

Light Weight
We’ve put our welders and designers to the test and we have taken out as much steel weight as possible without jeopardizing its strength and integrity, offering the StretchMaster 100 at approximately 700 pounds, without fence.

Ease of Use
The patented design offers not only easy to use clamping controls, but we’ve enclosed these controls to offer additional safety features. The top of the StretchMaster 100 is clean and simple which allows it to work great in dense tree areas – you won’t get hung up on trees or other debris encountered on a typical fence job.

We feel so strongly about how this is built, and how it’s proven itself in the field, we offer a 5 year warranty on the hydraulics and main shell.